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Submitting a Proposal

If you are a CEHHS faculty or staff member planning to submit a proposal or talk with a company about funding for a project, please complete and submit the following form:

Prior approval by UTK’s Division of Research Administration (DRA) is required for ALL proposals or contracts being submitted by a faculty or staff member to the funding agency or corporation. This should not happen after the submission and our office should always be involved even if you are collaborating with a faculty member in another department

Preliminary proposals, letters of intent or pre-applications must be routed through Cayuse SP and submitted by the Division of Research Administration, if it:

  • Requires an Authorized Official institutional signature
  • Has a line item budget, or
  • Includes matching

All parts of the proposal, except the proposal narrative, must be in final form and routed to the Division of Research Administration five (5) business days before the sponsor proposal deadline date. If any of these are not in final form, your proposal is considered late. The final narrative can be accepted two business days prior to the sponsor’s due date. If DRA will be submitting the application (such as through Fastlane,, or Cayuse 424), our goal is for DRA to submit the proposal at least one day before the actual sponsor due date. Therefore, CEHHS will start routing all proposals 6-7 business days before the sponsor due date to meet this deadline.

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