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Hill and Battle Enhancing CEHHS’ Community Engagement

Pair Selected for Leadership Knoxville Class of 2024

Two members of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences (CEHHS) will participate in the 2024 class of Leadership Knoxville. Kimberly Hill and Tomma Battle will represent CEHHS and work to provide solutions to community issues, expand community connections, and hone their leadership skills.

Portrait photo of Kimberly Hill. She has dark skin and black hair. She is smiling in the photograph.

Kimberly Hill

Hill, a Knoxville native, serves as the CEHHS Community Engagement Coordinator; Program Director for Project Excellence; and is a lecturer in the department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. During her time with CEHHS, Hill has increased the college’s community outreach efforts and has made significant positive impacts among Knoxville’s young people through her leadership in Project Excellence.

Hill is involved in several community outreach organizations including Board Chair of Gennisi Charitable Birth Services, Inc., City of Knoxville Mayor’s Roundtable,  volunteer with Empower Knox Special Projects for the City of Knoxville, Task Force Member on the Ford Next Generation for Planning Knox County Schools, and CEHHS Community Advisory at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

“I am thrilled and honored to have been selected to participate in Leadership Knoxville. This program offers a unique and valuable opportunity to actively engage with the community and establish meaningful relationships with a diverse group of leaders. These connections will be instrumental in fostering effective collaboration with community partners,” said Hill.

Portrait photo of Tomma Battle. She has dark skin and medium-brown hair. She is smiling in the photo.

Tomma Battle

Battle, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, is the Program Coordinator for Relationship Builders at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She works with various community organizations and churches to fulfill our mission to be a replicable model for how to best provide evidence-based tools and training for improving couple and family relationships. Relationship Builders is committed to providing affordable evidenced-based resources to make couple and family relationships as strong, stable, and healthy as possible.

Battle has lived in Knoxville for 15 years and has been active in numerous community organizations, volunteering with Knox County Schools on the Committee for Accelerating Student Learning and the Disparities in Education Outcomes Task Force; with Johnson University on the Greater Knoxville Advisory Board; with the Department of Children’s Services on the Community Advisory Board; and currently serves as Board Chair for Canvas Can Do Miracles.

“I am humbled by the opportunity to share with an array of area community leaders in learning how to be more effective in serving the needs of our community, celebrating the richness of Knoxville, and being a participant in keeping Knoxville moving into a viable and vibrant city, said Battle.

Leadership Knoxville began in 1984 has served numerous community leaders ranging from business to education and non-profits to religious institutions. Participants in the 10-month learning experience follow a curriculum based on servant leadership principles and leave prepared to serve more effectively in leadership roles across the Knoxville area. According to the Leadership Knoxville website, the organization’s mission is to build a stronger Knoxville by developing people and groups, leading to a greater community.

Through hands-on experiences, participants fully explore local government, education, economic development, and the arts. A skill building program; Leadership Knoxville’s Flagship program offers class members the opportunity to further develop and enhance their personal leadership skills while learning more about the community, our history, opportunities, and challenges.

Hill, who has an excellent track record in building relationships between UT and the community, feels that her time with Leadership Knoxville will not only be transformative for her, but will help CEHHS better achieve the college’s community outreach goals.

“By leveraging these relationships, I am confident that we can create initiatives that bring mutual benefits to the community, our college, and the university,” said. Hill “I am excited to gain valuable insights into the needs and priorities of the community, which will enable us to strategically align our college’s initiatives and programs with the goals of the community. This experience will undoubtedly be transformative, and I am eagerly looking forward to an exciting year ahead in this program.”