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Lady Vols Name Reinstated; What It Means to Be a Lady

The College of Education, Health and Human Sciences heard the announcement from our athletic director, along with most everyone else, as the name “Lady Vols” was reinstated yesterday for those who wish to be recognized as such.  The Lady Vols logo will reappear next year on gear and uniforms and the use of the name will be optional.

The question is, “Will this affect how these athletes are viewed?  Will the term “lady” have an impact upon scholarships, tradition, legacy, excellence, their sisterhood, their traditions, or their empowerment?”  Two PhD students in Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sports Studies, Allison B. Smith and Jonathan Evans, did a study with Lars Dzikus, PhD, into the impact of the name upon the culture of the team.

This article shares how the resistance or applause from various parties and the impact upon the students played a part in the decision regarding the name change.