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New CEHHS Employee Relations Committee Members Elected

The College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences elected new Employee Relations Committee Members!  The elections were held in November and new members for our college were chosen.  These members will serve to represent our college monthly during the academic year as members of the Academic Affairs & Research Employee Relations Committee for a two year term.  Due to the distribution of our departments, our college has two members as well as two alternates to represent us.

The new 2015-2016 Employee Relations Committee members are:

Bonnie Maples CEHHS West Locations-HPER, Bailey & Claxton 865-974-3499
Alternate-Diane Booker CEHHS West Locations-HPER, Bailey & Claxton 865-974-6638
Marcia Lane CEHHS East Locations-Jessie Harris & Conference Center Bldg. 865-974-2141
Alternate-Chrissy DePirro CEHHS East Locations-Jessie Harris & Conference Center Bldg. 865-974-0843

The role of the Employee Relations Committee (ERC) member is to provide a direct channel of communication between regular, non-exempt employees and University officials in order to relay relevant information to employees he/she represents and to play a role in advising administration and influencing University policy. These duties include the following:

Attend all ERC meetings or arrange for the alternate to attend if unable to
Submit constituent agenda items for discussion and be prepared to discuss the items at the meetings
Share minutes of ERC and ERAB (Employee Relations Advisory Board) meetings with employees in respective areas via email and/or hard copy.
Initiate contact with new employees added to the represented area
Gain a basic understanding of University policies and procedures to share information with other employees
Inform Human Resources of potentially unsafe working conditions and other employee-related situations that may require follow up
Serve in a support role if employees request your support when meeting with management regarding disciplinary action issues, including grievance procedures and hearings

Congratulations to our new representatives.  If you have any problems or concerns you would like brought to the attention of the University administration, be sure to email or call the representative in your area.  For more information about the Employee Relations Committee, visit the Human Resources website.