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Ellen McIntyre, Dean, College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences

Ellen McIntyre

Dean, College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences


Before joining the University of Tennessee, College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences, McIntyre served as Dean of the College of Education of UNC Charlotte.  Prior to that position, McIntyre served as the interim associate dean for academic affairs in the College of Education at North Carolina State University; department chair of elementary education at North Carolina State University; professor and university scholar at the University of Louisville; a classroom teacher at Newport Independent Schools in Newport, Kentucky; and a research assistant at SRI International, an independent, nonprofit scientific research institute.  She earned her doctoral degree in education, with a focus on language and literacy, from the University of Cincinnati, in 1990.



University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH - EdD Language and Literacy Education (1990)

Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY - MA Reading Education (1985)

Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY - BA Elementary Education (1983)



Selected Publications

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Ellen McIntyre, Dean, College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences

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