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“Your Future is Calling” says GED Testing Service

“By completing the GED® test, you can answer the call.

Complete the GED® test by the end of 2013, and then go on to college, a better job, the respect you deserve, and the accomplishment of earning your high school credential.”

A recent press release announces that the GED Testing Service™ (GEDTS™) has launched its 2002 Series Closeout Campaign: Your Future is Calling, alerting test-takers who need to finish the GED® test by the end of 2013.

The current version of the test—the 2002 Series GED® Test—will expire at the end of 2013, along with any incomplete test scores.  Test-takers who pass some but not all of the 2002 Series GED® Test will have to start over

GEDTS™ encourages everyone to join the 2002 Series Closeout Campaign and tell adult learners to finish the GED® test by the end of 2013. Based on research, GEDTS™ has compiled a Closeout Campaign message guide that focuses on being hopeful, positive, and future-oriented.

CLEE encourages everyone to take part in getting the word out!

“More than a million adults have started but not finished the current GED® test. As a nation, we cannot afford to let millions of working-aged adults miss this opportunity to complete and pass the GED® test, opening doors to college, training, and better jobs.”

Nicole Chestang, executive vice president of GED Testing Service™