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Virtual Events: The New Norm

Change is good; you go first.

A month ago, we never imagined how our work would change in the blink of an eye. Knee-deep in planning face-to-face events, our biggest concerns were streamlining our mobile app services and modernizing the the look and feel of registration websites for our next conferences. These details all seem trivial now compared to what we are facing in the event industry. It is a scary and uncertain time.

Q: How do we plan when we aren’t sure what the future holds? How do we stay afloat when the very career we dedicate our lives to has been flipped upside down?

A: We keep going. We adapt. We innovate. As planners, that is what we are inherently made to do. We look for problems and solve them before anyone can feel the effect and we overcome challenges that others may deem impossible.

This is our time to shine – Virtually!

How do we do this?” you ask? Maybe an online event is something you have never even considered. Perhaps the very idea of helping thousands of people to connect online seems like an insurmountable task. We assure you that it can be done! As we face a new future in the event industry, our adaptability and creativity are going to launch us into an exciting new adventure.

Faced with a cancelled in-person event, how can planners support their customers to meet their training goals and provide event services to their attendees? Our immediate solution, echoed in this recent article posted by Aventri is to move your event to a virtual platform.

In today’s time, resources for virtual events are – virtually –infinite. The exciting part? Everyone across the world is in a similar boat… we are stuck at home and desperately searching for something to pass the time. So, why not provide an engaging online “gathering” (more than 10 people allowed) to not only provide attendees with something to do but to also make a memorable impression. Think about it… an in-person conference in the midst of everyday hectic lives boosts enthusiasm for a short period of time… but a virtual event where people can connect and learn when their everyday lives have become less busy will leave a lasting impact and foster a greater excitement for the future of online meetings.

We encourage you to Take on the Challenge! Welcome these changes as a growth opportunity and view this seemingly temporary situation as a launch pad for evolving your business  – and this industry – into something that will stand the test of time.

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