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Upcoming Events & Trainings


Upcoming Training Opportunities

Below are trainings that have been developed by the CEHHS’s Office of Research and External Funding to aid in your research and external funding needs.  Click the training title to register.  PASSCODE is 1234.  A zoom link will also be provided. Checkout any trainings offered in CEHHS here.

Engaged Research Learning Breaks

Our spring semester topic for our Learning Breaks series is engaged research.  This series will start with a overview of engaged research presented by Javiette Samuel, Associate Vice Chancellor and Director of Community Engagement and Outreach.  For the rest of the semester, a panel of faculty from the college will discuss themes related to engaged research.

All sessions are scheduled for 1-2pm in Claxton 206 unless otherwise noted.

2/4 — Javiette Samuel-Overview of Engaged Research Link for Zoom session available

3/4 —  Panel-Identifying Community Partners and Developing Relationships

4/1 — Panel-Overcoming Obstacles to Engaged Research Implementation

5/6 — Translating Engaged Service to Engaged Research

Professional Development Series

Register for these sessions HERE. (Passcode is: 1234)

All sessions are from 10:30-11:30 in Claxton 205 on the following dates:

2/8 and 2/22 — Research Agenda Update

3/8 — The Role of Communication in Scholarship

3/22 — How to Certify Effort

4/26 — Compliance Refresher: IRB and Programs for Minors

Past Trainings

Intervention Research Series

Conducting Intervention Research: Study Design and Methodology Considerations Session 1

Conducting Intervention Research: Considerations About Randomized Trials Session 2

Conducting Intervention Research: Planning and Implementation Considerations Session 3

Conducting Intervention Research: Statistical Considerations Session 4

Learning Breaks

Healthcare Provision to LGBTQ+ Patients for Health Equity by Jennifer Jabson Tree

Downloadable PHASE I Research Presentations with Links

Premise and Research Design

How to Write a Strong Premise That Drives Your Research Design

Academic Writing vs. Proposal Writing: Key Differences

Other Trainings

Healthcare Provision to LGBTQ+ Patients for Health Equity by Jennifer Jabson Tree

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in Human Subjects Research: Why It Matters and Where We Go From Here

Resource List for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in Human Subjects Research Presentation

CEHHS National Recognition Panel: A Discussion of What It Takes To Be Nationally Recognized

Human Health and Wellness Landscape Analysis Report

Available Resources from the Engaged Scholarship Training:

Community Engagement Resources

CEHHS Engaged Scholarship-PDF Version of Powerpoint For Viewing

CEHHS Engaged Scholarship-Definitions for Reference

CEHHS Engaged Scholarship-Audio Version

Working with the CEHHS Office of Research

Lessons Learned from External Funding-CEHHS Faculty Panel

Demystifying the UTK Office of Research and Engagement: Understanding the Lifecycle of a Sponsored Project

NTT Sponsored Programs Training

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