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Dhiraj A. Vattem

1215 W. Cumberland Avenue, Room 229

Dhiraj A. Vattem

Department Head and Professor

Distinguished Visiting Professor
Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research.
Department of Biomolecular Innovation
Department of Interdisciplinary Genome Sciences & Cell Metabolism
Shinshu University
8304 Minami-Minowa, Nagano, 399-4598 Japan


2000-2004          University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

PhD. Food Biotechnology.

1997-1999          CFTRI.

MS. Food Technology.

1994-1999          University of Delhi.

BS. Biochemistry (Honors).


Therapeutic modulation of neuronal inflammation and proteotoxicity in neurodegenerative diseases by natural product derived metabolites.
Gut microbiome effects on molecular mechanisms governing adiposity and cardiometabolic health and neuronal disease.