Hollie Raynor

Hollie Raynor

Professor, Department of Nutrition and Executive Associate Dean of Research & Operations


San Diego State University B.S.


Food and Nutrition
University of Tennessee at Knoxville M.S.


Public Health Nutrition
State University of New York at Buffalo Ph.D.


Clinical Psychology
Brown University School of Medicine, The Miriam Hospital Post-doctoral Fellow


Behavioral Medicine


Lifestyle interventions, designed to improve eating and activity behaviors, for obesity treatment in children and adults. Both efficacious studies, in which dietary factors, such as energy density and timing of eating, and effectiveness studies, in which lifestyle interventions are translated into practice-based settings (i.e., primary care), are focused on.  Hollie is the director of the Healthy Eating and Activity Laboratory (HEAL).

To learn more about my research, please visit: Raynor Lab