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For Your Health


  • Being told to practice social distancing while also keeping up with your physical fitness and nutrition can seem contradictory. However, Lee Murphy from the Department of Nutrition— explains, “There’s enough space in this world for everyone to exercise and still have social distancing.” Check out this article from Knoxville News Sentinel for tips on how you can get off the couch and get exercising, while still keeping yourself safe and healthy.
  • Nick and Kaylee Woodard are graduate students in the Department of Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport Studies. Nick will graduate in the Spring with his Master’s degree in Sport Management, and Kaylee will graduate this Summer with her Ph.D. in Sport Psychology and Motor Behavior. They are ALSO internationally competitive jump rope athletes. They have been jumping rope for over 20 years and have won multiple World Championship titles. They have also traveled around the world to teach camps and perform with the NBA, Cirque du Soleil, and more!  Recently, the two launched their own jump rope company called Learnin’ the Ropes. This website offers quarantine-friendly workouts and jump rope skill tutorials for ALL fitness levels.


  • Break free from the same old recipes you’ve been recycling again and again. UT Culinary Institute is offering ONLINE cooking classes! Click here to see what classes are available and to register.
  • Reach for snacks and drinks that fill us up and give us the nutrients we need to boost our immune system and stay healthy. Check out this short video to learn about how to make healthy eating and drinking choices. Lee Murphy on WBIR Healthy Snacking
  • Sarah Colby and a group of eight other researchers from the college and the UT Institute of Agriculture developed a survey to assess what people are doing about food and how other health behaviors may be impacted by COVID-19. Collaborators include Cristina Barroso, associate professor of public health, Betsy Steeves, assistant professor of nutrition, Doris D’Souza, professor of food science, Katie Kavanagh, associate professor of nutrition, Samantha Ehrlich, assistant professor of public health, and UT Extension faculty Christopher Sneed, Kristen Johnson, and Janie Burney. “Our hope is to provide vital resources and information to support health professionals and government agencies making decisions to support communities as soon as early as next week,” Colby said. TAKE THE SURVEY and read more here:





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