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Examples of Recorded Instructional Materials (Videos)

Examples of Recorded Instructional Materials

Full Motion Video Examples

  • NOTE: Editing full motion video takes time!
    Bill’s Octopus – unedited
    Same Octopus – edited
    Total editing time  – 30 minutes for 13 seconds of finished video.
  • Flipped Classroom Examples  from DMS Flipped – 5 quick examples of teacher-made instructional videos.
    • Which did you like best? Why?
    • What techniques stood out as a good idea to you?
    • What stood out as a bad idea to you?
  • Letchworth Gorge- “Grand Canyon of the east” 
    Pros: Using video to *show* real-world examples; connecting with learners by making videos personal (video created while teacher on vacation); good length; good editing
    Cons: Poor sound quality
  • Cup Cake Video by Thelma Vandergriff
    Made with a phone camera, edited in Windows Movie Maker.
    Pros: Intro card; good actor choice for topic; no audio needed
    Cons: Poor video quality & lighting; pacing/length; overuse of gimmicks; not best music choice?
  • COM 100 Mediated Speech Assignment Instructions by Jill Schiefelbein, adjunct faculty at Arizona State University Talking Head with props  – use of audience-facing cue cards]
    Pros: Purpose and Media aligned; casual narration, but smooth (practiced); props for emphasis; good audio/video; simple live video
    Cons: no transcript/closed captioning; no creator name/credits
  • The Elmo Saves the Day  by Duren Thompson – “Fancy” how-to video made with camcorder, Photoshop, GarageBand, Audacity and iMovie.
    Pros: Funny; good audio/video quality; gimmicks match approach/purpose
    Cons: NOT simple – lots of time & resources to create; too long; does purpose match approach and audience?

Screen Cast Examples

Animation Examples

Slideshow “video” Examples

Filming hand-drawn illustration Examples

  • Subduction Zones Pros: Simple to create; good quality/editing/sound; good length; includes interactive learning suggestion Cons: decreased connection to learner
  • Figurative language by Sharon Trahan