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Not Just the ‘Talking Head’: Creating effective and engaging online instructional video

Guiding Questions/Ideas:

1)      What do we mean by “video”? (Think beyond the ‘Talking Head’ to a wide variety of recorded instructional multi-media – RIM)

2)      Why create video vs simply finding what you need? (It is not that hard, honest!)

3)      What are the keys to creating EFFECTIVE  video/RIM? (Planning, SHORT, and work with what you have)

Not Just the ‘Talking Head’ Presentation (face to face version, updated 3-2020)

Planning for Flipped Learning Online Presentation Slides (webinar version, updated 4-2020)

1) “Video” now generally means ANY Recorded Instructional Media (RIM) with visuals

White_triangle_in_orange_background More Examples of Recorded Instructional Materials (Videos)

2) RIM/Video should match Purpose and Audience and ENGAGE the Learner (Steps 1 & 2)

  • Audience: Who is this for? How do they learn best? What interests them?  How can it connect to the real world? What tech skills do they have? What tech access do they have?
  • Purpose: Why create this RIM? Convey a critical concept? Demonstrate a skill or process? Motivation/create a set for learning? Spark discussion/ideas/thinking? Provide a real world example or problem? Access for struggling or absent learners?
  • Engagement: How will you involve the learner – make this NOT passive, but active learning? How will you KNOW they watched it? Ask questions, require a survey, provide a worksheet, start a project, give a quiz, require a writing assignment?

3) ALL effective RIM/Video creation REQUIRES planning! (Steps 3 – 7)  Saves time & frustration too!

  • Choose a General Approach – What will best suit Purpose and Audience? What will help engage the learner?
  • Storyboard your RIM Structure – Plan the flow of instruction (we recommend ON PAPER).
  • EDIT & Revise Your Plan – Does it effectively and efficiently address purpose and audience? Goal: 2-5 minutes!
  • Create/Find Media Elements – What ‘stuff’ do I need to create this video?
  • PRACTICE! Even one or 2 run-throughs can make a HUGE      difference!

NOW CREATE! (step 8)
Then Edit, Revise and Disseminate (Steps 9 & 10)
Note Steps 1- 7 are ALL PLANNING!!

White_triangle_in_orange_background Suggested 10 step Process for Creating Video RIM

Expanded version – with notes, tips and ideas – plus a storyboard template! (pdf)

White_triangle_in_orange_background More TIPS for Creating Effective Video/RIM

As many tips as we could cram on 2 pages – a ‘mind dump’ of what we know/have learned.



Stuff we used in creating this presentation, or thought you might like to read.

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