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About Our College

The following values provide the foundation for the college’s vision and mission and serve as guiding principles for the strategic priorities set forth in this plan.  As a college we value:

  • Diversity and similarity among our students, staff, and faculty.  We value people of all races, creeds, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical ability, and socioeconomic groups;
  • Teaching, learning, and practice.  We value quality instruction and the integrity of our academic programs;
  • Research, discovery, and application.  We value the pursuit of knowledge, the respectful exchange of ideas, and academic freedom;
  • Intercultural and international engagement.  We value engagement with our local and extended communities and embrace intercultural and global perspectives;
  • Outreach and service to the community.  We value the importance of community outreach and service in fulfillment of our land-grant mission;
  • Integrity, responsibility, and commitment to equity.  We value and expect high standards for ethical behavior among our students, faculty, and staff;
  • Respect for others. We value and foster a culture and climate respectful and appreciative of all members of the community; and
  • Good stewardship of resources.  We value sound stewardship of the financial resources provided to the college through the university, private philanthropy, and other sources of external funding.

Our vision is to help create a world that values knowledge, education, and health as key contributors to improved quality of life for all.

Our mission is to develop, encourage, and prepare innovative leaders who influence, improve, and inspire a healthy, educated, civil, and vibrant society.