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Jud Laughter Appointed as Director of Faculty Affairs

Jud Laughter

The College of Education, Health & Human Sciences (CEHHS) is pleased to announce that Jud Laughter, associate professor of English education in the Department of Theory & Practice in Teacher Education, has been hired as the Director of Faculty Affairs. Beginning in August, Laughter will serve the college in a 25% role during the academic year. He will also be on appointment during the summers (the equivalent of one course).

Laughter will be a full professor by fall and has established himself as nationally recognized scholar and outstanding teacher. He has done considerable service and community engagement, leading in several areas in his department and in the community. He has served on the Faculty Senate, with experience leading the faculty affairs committee in the Senate.

Primary Duties:

  • Attend CEHHS Administrative Council meetings monthly
  • Attend Vice-Provost Kelly‚Äôs Faculty Affairs meetings monthly
  • Communicate with faculty and administrators all updates about faculty affairs
  • Support faculty in understanding and abiding by the Faculty Handbook
  • Conduct all reviews on NTT faculty and make recommendations to the dean
  • Oversee other faculty assignments (e.g., faculty leave)
  • Consult with faculty about when they are ready to go up for promotion
  • Attend all College P&T review committee deliberations on candidates to observe for process (process only)
  • Coordinate college-wide committee appointments and faculty/staff awards
  • Work with Senate on overseeing the updates on college bylaws

Secondary Duties:

  • In collaboration with the dean, oversee annual/retention reviews of faculty (except in own department)
  • In collaboration with the dean, Director of Finance and Administration, and Director of DEI, provide procedural oversight of faculty searches
  • In collaboration with the Associate Dean of Research, the Director of DEI, and the Senior Methodologist, develop and oversee mentoring programs for faculty
  • In collaboration with dean and associate deans, oversee the collection of workload and productivity data of faculty in the college