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CEHHS Recognizes Top Grad Elizabeth Elajam

The College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences (CEHHS) is excited to recognize our third Top Grad, Elizabeth Elajam. Elizabeth majored in Kinesiology.

“I was born and raised in Knoxville Tennessee, and from a young age, I was extremely interested in attending the University of Tennessee. UT is a large school with many major options, fantastic opportunities, invested professors, and many other faculty members who are looking to help prepare each of us for the workforce, and I couldn’t be more appreciative to the staff and how they have helped me feel ready for the next step. As a child, I took field trips to Clarence Brown Theatre, went to numerous ceremonies in Thompson Bolling Arena, and like many Knoxville residents, spent my Saturdays watching the Vols take the field in Neyland or elsewhere. It just made sense once I reached the age to start applying for college to apply to UT.

On campus, I am the president of the Christian Student Fellowship (CSF) and spend time coordinating service events in the community (most notably at KARM), and creating events for new students to find a group on campus to experience college with, and to just challenge each other to be better people.

Off campus, I used my knowledge of Spanish (largely acquired through the language department here) to volunteer on mission trips to Central America as a translator. Additionally, I have also used the language proficiency to translate at UT Medical Center where I worked as a CNA while attending UT.

I have recently been accepted to South College’s PA program where I will begin in October and will complete the 27-month program to becoming a PA. I hope to work in either emergency medicine or pediatrics after graduating from PA school. I also have aspirations of continuing to do international work with my medical license in the future.”

CEHHS is so excited to see all of the wonderful things Elizabeth will accomplish. Great job Elizabeth!