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2018 Graduate Student Research Colloquium

The 2018 Graduate Student Research Colloquium in the College of Education, Health and Human Sciences was held on Friday, March 2.  Graduate students from within the college had the opportunity to present their research in a conference setting.   Students then received feedback from faculty and other graduate students in attendance and had an opportunity to practice their presentation skills.

The event was hosted by the Dean’s Graduate Student Advisory Board of the College of Education, Health and Human Sciences. More information about the event can be found here.

Enjoy a few photos from the 2018 Graduate Student Research Colloquium.

Awards were presented to the following:

Rebecca Layton, Department of Theory and Practice in Teacher EducationDeveloping Pre-Service Teachers’ Knowledge about Problem-Based Learning through Task Comparisons

Sewon Min, Department of Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism ManagementThe Glass Ceiling: How it is Perceived and How it Affects Work Engagement Among Hotel Employees

Deborah Kirkland, Department of Public HealthA Systematic Review of Interventions that Increase Earlier Uptake of the HPV Vaccine in Girls 9 to 17-years-old in the United States

Mohammed Alquraishi, Department of NutritionRole of PKM2 in LPS-induced Renal Injury

Lindsay Toth, Department of Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport Studies – Video-Recorded Validation of Wearable Step Counters Under Free-living Conditions

Nathan West, Department of Educational Psychology and CounselingDevelopmental Networks and Interpersonal Support of Beginning Counselors

Benjamin Nam, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy StudiesConflicts Among Stakeholders Regarding the New Academic Policy in the Korea University Sport Federation

Ashlyn Schwartz, Department of Child and Family StudiesEmotional and Behavioral Adjustment

Lindsay Toth –  Video-Recorded Validation of Wearable Step Counters Under Free-living Conditions (Oral)

Lauren SchroederA Raised Surface Affects Ankle Biomechanics During a Common Softball Task (Poster Session I)

Derrick Yates Preference for and Tolerance of Exercise Intensity in Group Indoor Cycling (Poster Session II)

Adeline Grier-WelchPerceptions of Food Pantry Usage and Food Acquisition Behaviors Among Food Pantry Users in East Tennessee (Poster Session I)

Emily Hager Exploring the Environmental Link to Obesity-Associated Breast Cancer: The Story of Parabens (Poster Session II

Kayley DavisWait, College Students Have Motivations Against Sex? (Poster Session I)

Kaylee CouvillionAttentional Focus Effects on the Performance of a Continuous Whole-Body Task with Object Manipulation (Poster Session II)

Lauran GieskeTV Consumption Mediates Effects of Family Adversity on Immigrant Children’s Executive Functions (EF) (Poster Session I)

Lucia Miranda – Impact of Early Biological Versus Environmental Adversity on Temperament at 6 Years: A Comparison of the English and Romanian Adoptee Study and Bavarian Longitudinal Study (Poster Session II)