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7 careers for Kinesiology

7 Career Options for Kinesiology Majors

Anna Alston CEHHS Student AmbassadorMy name is Anna Alston. I am a senior Kinesiology major and a College Student Marketing Ambassador. After college, I plan on attending Physician’s Assistants school and working in Emergency Medicine. Although I chose Physician’s Assistants school, below are some other career paths to consider with a Kinesiology degree from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Nurse Anesthetist, Nurse Practitioner, and Nurse Midwife

  • Job Responsibilities- Coordinate patient care, may provide primary or secondary healthcare.
  • Required Education- Master’s Degree
  • Average Salary- $107,460

Othotist and Prosthetist

  • Job Responsibilities- Design and fabricate medical supportive devices. Fit, size, and measure patients for devices including; artificial limbs, braces, and surgical devices.
  • Required Education- Master’s Degree
  • Average Salary- $65,360

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and Cardiovascular Technologist

  • Job Responsibilities- Operate imaging equipment to conduct tests or create images to help with the diagnosis and assessment of a patient.
  • Required Education- Associate’s Degree
  • Average Salary- $64,280

Epidemiologist- Physical Activity

  • Job Responsibilities- Public health professional who investigate the cause and patterns of diseases and injuries. They strive to reduce the risk and occurrence of negative health by increasing community education, research, and increasing health policies.
  • Required Education- Master’s Degree
  • Average Salary- $70,820

Exercise Physiologist

  • Job Responsibilities- Develop a fitness and exercise program to help patients improve cardiac function, flexibility, and body composition. Also aid in chronic disease recovery.
  • Required Education- Bachelor’s Degree
  • Average Salary- $47,340

Fitness Trainer and Instructor

  • Job Responsibilities- Lead, instruct, and teach individuals in exercise activities. These activities increase cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility.
  • Required Education- High school diploma or equivalent
  • Average Salary- $38,160

Respiratory Therapist

  • Job Responsibilities- Care for patients who are experiencing trouble breathing. Patient ages range from premature infants to elderly patients. They also provide care to emergency patients suffering from heart attack or shock.
  • Required Education- Associates Degree
  • Average Salary- $58,670

 All information acquired from the Bureau of Industry and Security.