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Meet Our Student Marketing Ambassadors

The College of Education, Health and Human Sciences (CEHHS) invites you to meet our 2017-18 Student Marketing Ambassadors.  These ambassadors are real students with real passion about the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences and the individual departments and programs in which they are majoring.  Their primary role is to help share the stories of our college from the student perspective and act as “online tour guides” for both the undergraduate and graduate programs in CEHHS.  Click on each of the photos below to learn a little bit about our team of marketing dynamos!

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Let’s meet our CEHHS Marketing Ambassadors:

Name: Anna Alston

Major: Kinesiology

Year: Senior

Favorite thing about your department/College: I love how caring the advisors and teachers are. One thing I’ve found in my time here is that everyone in my department is so willing to help and how they sincerely care about your success. My teachers and advisors are constantly pushing and encouraging me to learn more and challenge myself.

Why UT? I mean have you ever been to a game in Neyland Stadium? How could you not love this place?! I love the atmosphere on campus; I felt so at home from the first time I visited. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming.

Involvement:  I am a senior in the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority. Within that, I love to be involved in as much as possible, including homecoming, leadership, sorority recruitment, and my favorite– any dance competition possible.

Favorite thing to do in Knoxville: I love being outdoors so my favorite thing to do around Knoxville is visit Chimney Tops, the Bluffs, and House Mountain.

Name: Emma Barnes

Major/Year: 2nd year Master in Public Health student

Favorite thing about department: There are several ways to get involved whether it be research or community-oriented.

Why UT? There were so many opportunities for me to really make an impact and do the work I love. This program is phenomenal and it really made me feel like I belonged.


President of the Public Health Graduate Student Association (PHGSA)

Former Department Representative for the Graduate Student Senate
Member of the Department’s Equity and Diversity Committee

Graduate Research Assistant in the Department of Public Health

Research Assistant on a grant-funded project

Favorite thing to do in Knoxville: I’m a foodie so the Farmer’s Markets are always a good time!

Name: Rachel Bossong

Major: Special Education, Elementary Concentration

Year: Senior

Favorite thing about your department: My professors are amazing and always willing to go the extra mile to help their students succeed.

Why UT? When I toured UT’s campus my senior year of high school it just felt right. Since being at UT I know I made the right decision from the amazing Education program I am a part of to the life long friends I have made.

Involvement: FUTURE program mentor, Student Council for Exceptional Children, Dean’s Undergraduate Advisory Board

Favorite thing to do in Knoxville: I love walking through the market on Saturdays in Market Square and seeing all the products and food!

Name: Sarah Fisher


Year: Sophomore

Favorite thing about your department/College: I get to work with peer mentors and Best Buddies.

Why UT? I chose to go to UT because I’m from here and I wanted to be near my family.  Also, UT has the FUTURE Program, which gives me the opportunity to have a college experience.  The FUTURE program helps students who have disabilities take college courses and find what they want to do.

Involvement: Best Buddies

Favorite thing to do in Knoxville: Going down to Market Square especially when there is a cool event going on.

Name: Bree Jordan

Major: Audiology and Speech Pathology

Year: Junior

Favorite thing about your department/college: I love how supportive and sweet everyone in my college is! I know I can go to anyone with any questions I have and they will be more than willing to help me.

Why UT? Growing up in a Tennessee football loving family, I’ve wanted to go to UT since I was little. When I came to tour, I knew this is exactly where I belonged!

Involvement: Alpha Omicron Pi sorority, National Student Speech Language Hearing Association, For The Kids, Relay for Life

Favorite thing to do in Knoxville: Eating ice cream at Cruze Farms and going to the football games!!

Name: Ella Koehl

Major: Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management

Year: Senior

Favorite Thing About Your Department/College: The faculty members within my major are not just professors, but they are also role models to look up to, and friends when we need help in our professional or personal lives.

Why UT? I wanted to get out of Northern Virginia and travel down South for college, so I applied to every school in the SEC, and ended up falling in love with the spirit of UT fans, and game days in Neyland.  Rocky Top was the perfect choice for me, and I am cherishing these last semesters.

Involvement: I was a part of a sorority, but decided to focus more on work and school for my last two years of college.  I play on soccer and basketball intramural teams in the fall and winter, which I get very competitive in.

Favorite Thing to Do in Knoxville: I love going to our football games, especially when we are checkering Neyland, and experience a win.  However, that has not been happening lately, so another love of mine is to travel into the Old City and dance to old 90s and 2000s hits at Hanna’s Café until the lights come on!

Name: Hailey Marcus

Major: Kinesiology

Year: Freshman

Favorite thing about your department/College: Flexibility, diverse options, great advising

Why UT? I love the South, and I love the environment of this school. As well as UT is great for my major.

Involvement: Rowing team

Favorite thing to do in Knoxville: Walk around Market Square!

Name: Hannah Melton

Major: Psychology major; Child and Family Studies minor

Year: Senior

Favorite thing about your department/College: I love how every class that I take, whether it be Psychology or CFS, makes me a more patient, tolerant, and understanding person. Since my degree is literally the study of why people do the things they do, I get to understand people on a deeper level. Between this course load and the kind people I have class with my degree is always inspiring me to make the world a better place. I think that’s pretty special!

Why UT? PCB’s cheesy breakfast potatoes

Involvement: Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, Study Abroad Alumni Association, Global Outreach Leaders intern

Favorite thing to do in Knoxville: My perfect day in Knoxville would include grabbing a coffee with friends in the Old City, taking a hike in the Smokies (with full advantage being taken of the beautiful photo ops of course), and grabbing a sandwich at Tomato Head for dinner later that evening. Good company, beautiful views, and delicious food…there’s nothing better!

Name: Madison Merrifield

Major: College Student Personnel

Year: First-year graduate student

Favorite thing about your department: I love that my program is very close-knit, that my professors care about my success, and that the department is excited to have me at UT!

Why UT? One of the major aspects of UT that sold me is the institution’s commitment to the Knoxville community. I love to support local businesses, so I appreciated that UTK does, too. I also loved seeing a shared vision, what it means to be a Volunteer, shared by everyone I met when I interviewed. It made me want to be a Volunteer, too!

Involvement: I serve as the Advisor for United Residence Halls Council and National Residence Hall Honorary, which are student organizations within University Housing. I am also a member of City Church in Knoxville and my program’s student organization, College Student Personnel Association.

Favorite thing to do in Knoxville: I love the fact that I’m so close to so many outdoor adventure opportunities! Last week, I kayaked at Mead’s Quarry.

Extra info: I love baking! My undergraduate degree is in Baking and Pastry Arts and I still enjoy making sweets even though I’m in a different field now. My website is

Name: Madison Trent

Major: Speech Pathology

Year: Junior

Favorite thing about your department/College: My favorite thing about the CEHHS is the community that it has brought me. It has really made UT feel like home away from home.

Why UT? I chose UT because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people. I have always been familiar with Knoxville, and I have family here, so it seemed like the best choice. Also, I have been a Vols fan since day one, so that helped too!

Involvement: I am very involved in RUF, which is a campus ministry on campus, as well as, being a member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority.
Favorite thing to do in Knoxville: My favorite thing to do in
Knoxville is go to Sequoyah Park to walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Name: Morgan Sowers

Major: Community Nutrition (PhD) and Marketing (MBA)

Year: Graduate Student (3rd year)

Favorite thing about your department/college: The variety of research and concentration interests within the area of nutrition, which allows us to get exposure to and experience in a variety of different areas!

Why UT? Quality education, beautiful environment, and amazing people!

Involvement: Graduate Student Nutrition Association (GNSA) (previous Professional Development Chair); Tennessee Organization of MBAs (TOMBA); National Association for Women MBAs (NAWMBA); Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society; Graduate Student Senate (Previous Nutrition Representative and Fundraising Chair)

Favorite thing to do in Knoxville: Go hiking and exploring different trails with my husband and labradoodle, Kennedy!

Name: Peyton Whaley

Major: Educational Interpreting

Year: Junior

Favorite thing about your department/College: I love the connection that I have within the college. I am part of a smaller concentration so we all know each other and are friends so it is great to have that relationship and support from others that know what you’re going through.

Why UT? At first I chose UT because it was local and it was the school of the family, but I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. I love UT and I’m so proud to be a Volunteer!

Involvement: I’m not very involved outside of classes the marketing ambassadors program is my first time getting involved outside of classes

Favorite thing to do in Knoxville: I love to go to McKay’s, that place is my happy place; the sight of all the books makes me excited and makes any day great.