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tpte 4th annual recognition ceremony

TPTE Holds 4th Annual Recognition Ceremony

The Department of Theory and Practice in Teacher Education in the College of Education, Health and Human Sciences held their 4th Annual Recognition Ceremony on Tuesday, October 10th at the Holiday Inn, World’s Fair Park.  Honorees included faculty, staff, students, alumni, collaborators and community advocates.

Sherry Mee Bell (TPTE faculty) and R. Steve McCallum (EPC faculty). (2016). Handbook of Reading Assessment: A One-Stop Resource for Prospective and Practicing Educators. Routledge: Taylor and Francis.

Stergios Botzakis (TPTE faculty) and L.D. Burns (2016). Teach on Purpose: Responsive Teaching for Student Success. Teachers College Press.

Amy D. Broemmel, Jennifer Jordan (both TPTE faculty) and Beau Whitsett (TPTE doctoral student). (2016). Learning to be Teacher Leaders. Routledge.

Paul W. Ogden and David H. Smith (TPTE faculty). (2016) The Silent Garden: A Parent’s Guide to Raising a Deaf Child. Gallaudet University Press.

William B. Russell, III and Stewart Waters (TPTE faculty). (2017) Cinematic Social Studies: A Resource for Teaching and Learning Social Studies with Film. Information Age Publishing, Inc.

Barbara Thayer-Bacon (TPTE faculty), Relational Ontologies. (2017). Peter Lang.

Dianne Zager, David F. Cihak (TPTE faculty) and Angi Stone-McDonald. (2017). Autism Spectrum Disorders: Identification, Education, and Treatment, 4th ed. Routledge.

Robin Schell, Program area: Literacy Studies (ESL Education)

Major Professor: Dr. Clara Lee Brown

Susan L. Groenke, 2017-2018 Frank W. Harvey Professorship for Excellence in Secondary Education

April Haggard, 2017 Stephen M. Ryan Teacher of the Year Award at July 2017 American Sign Language Teacher Association conference

Brittany Anderson, Assistant Professor, Urban-Multicultural and Gifted Education (University of Georgia)

April Haggard, Lecturer, Deaf Education and Interpreter Education (Gallaudet University, University of Tennessee)

Frances Harper, Assistant Professor, STEM and Math Education (Michigan State University)

Nils Jaekel, Clinical Assistant Professor, English, English as a Second Language, and World Language Education (Rohr University)

Cheryl Shahan, Clinical Assistant Professor, Deaf Education and Interpreter Education (Gallaudet University)

Natalia Ward, Clinical Assistant Professor, Literacy Studies (University of Tennessee)

Ashlee Anderson, Clinical Assistant Professor, Cultural Studies (University of Tennessee)

Barbara Thayer-Bacon, Professor, Cultural Studies (Indiana University)

Stewart Waters, Social Science Education (Associate Professor)