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2017 Student Awards Celebration Recipients

Recipients of awards, fellowships, scholarships and endowments were as follows:

Eugene and Mary Sue Akins’ family established this graduate fellowship in their memory and through gifts of their friends in hopes that their lives and careers would inspire and motivate students to further their careers in education. Mr. Akins received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Tennessee. Students awarded this fellowship are student interns in education; first preference will be for those students in the School Counseling Program.

    • Ben Gaertner

  • Douglas Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Alderton created this scholarship in memory and in the honor of their beloved son, the late Dr. Stephen Lee Alderton. His parents are creating a legacy for Dr. Stephen Lee Alderton by assisting doctoral students who will work in the field of school counseling and want the same opportunity as their son to make a positive difference in the lives of children and adults.

  • Jessica Marzi
Clayton Arnold was a most interesting man who led a frugal lifestyle that enabled him to give the University of Tennessee its first million dollar gift. Mr. Arnold was a postal worker in Middle Tennessee. He never married, never went to college, never owned a new car, and usually shopped at thrift stores. He was an astute investor, however, and he quietly built a personal fortune that he felt would be most wisely given to an educational institution. J. Clayton Arnold figured that within 100 years this gift would provide scholarships for at least 6,000 “Arnold teachers” who would eventually influence over 24 million lives. Now valued at over $1.6 million, this scholarship endowment fund is the largest in the College.

  • Emily Ayers
  • Katie Beckett
  • Danielle Bernhoft
  • Emily Boling
  • Katie Boynton
  • Mary Brown
  • Lynsey Burns
  • Robyn Byard
  • Victoria Coleman
  • Katelyn Coltrin
  • Sonia Dunne
  • Anna Edwards
  • Kristen Ford
  • Zachary Frank
  • Joy Fryman
  • Shana Gallegos
  • Mary Higginbotham
  • Brooke Holland
  • Marlee Houk
  • Brooklyn Howard
  • Katherine Joyce
  • Sydney Laired
  • Erin Lewis
  • Madeline Luepke

  • Brianna Mason
  • Meghan McNamar
  • Dillon Moore
  • Mary Moore
  • Stephanie Morse
  • Jenna Moskal
  • Allison Murray
  • Abbey Overholt
  • Kelsie Paschall
  • Anna Peterson
  • Kathleen Price
  • Elizabeth Ransom
  • Cassidy Raulston
  • Gabriela Recinos
  • Alicia Reynolds
  • Bryson Scruggs
  • Emelie Silvers
  • Sarah Skoney
  • Mary Stewart
  • Emily Trabold
  • Cara Turski
  • Logan Vincent
  • Polly Wilson
  • Created in 1986 to “provide scholarships for students preparing to become teachers or for meritorious and deserving teachers desiring to improve their teaching qualifications,” this endowment provides awards in honor of Mr. Arnstein and his wife of 55 years, Lalla B. Arnstein. Recipients of this award should be students preparing to be teachers or teachers working to improve their teaching qualifications.

      • Sarah Buchanan
      • Alexandra Parater
      • Leslie Woody
    David T. and Jane O. Bailey established this scholarship to further the teacher preparation programs at the University of Tennessee. Mr. and Mrs. Bailey believe that “investing in teacher education is a wonderful way to help others…we help generations of future teachers who will in turn touch the lives of hundreds of students. We are hopeful that our example will inspire others to make the University of Tennessee the place where the best candidates in education choose to study.” The recipients of this scholarship are students who are graduates of Tennessee high schools, who demonstrate successful academic performance. Preference will be given to those students seeking initial teaching licensure in the fifth-year intern program.

      • Mary-Catherine Brown
      • Rachel Chiaravalle
      • Megan Cisneros
      • Morgan Corum
      • Karissa Gowder
      • Marissa Hepburn
      • Demi Hollingsworth
      • Mary Keidel
    • Kelsey Kirk
    • Mary Moore
    • McKenzie Nobert
    • Matthew Rogers
    • Heather Souders
    • Jennifer Tate
    • Anna Tomita
    • Christopher West

    This scholarship is awarded to junior honor students in the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences within the disciplines that were in the former College of Human Ecology/College of Home Economics.

    • Heather Gleaves
    Nancy Boggan Binkley and her husband, Lesley H. Binkley, Jr., established this fellowship in memory of Nancy’s father and in honor of her mother, to commemorate her parents’ accomplishments and recognize the family’s close ties to the University of Tennessee. The fellowship will benefit generations of teacher education students through awards to academically and financially deserving
    students in their fifth-year internship earning their initial teacher licensure.

    • Patricia Bearden
    • Rebecca Mansy
    • Staci Parvin
    Harriet Rankin Hunter created this scholarship in memory of her sister, Margaret Cornelia Rankin Brock. Mrs. Brock received her bachelor’s and master’s degree from the former College of Home Economics. This scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student who has demonstrated successful academic performance and shows high potential. Preference is given to McMinn or Polk County residents.

      • Cayci Coleman
    Dr. Ilene Brown was born in Texas on October 12, 1910. Her undergraduate and master’s work was done at the University of Texas and she completed her doctorate at The Ohio State University. Dr. Druzilla Kent, then chair of Home Economics Education, brought Dr. Brown to UTK in the fall of 1936. Her commitment to educating young people is the inspiration for her to create this scholarship here at UTK. Recipients of this scholarship are majoring in Family and Consumer Sciences Education or a teacher licensure program and plan to teach subjects that deal with children and families.

      • Katherine Burgess
      • Hannah Deaton
      • Rebecca Mansy
      • Abby Newman
      • Mallory Williams
    This scholarship is in memory of Mrs. Marthanne Burn, who received her master’s degree in Home Economics from UTK in 1957. After graduation she taught Home Economics at the University of Maryland for 2 years before coming to McMinn County where she served as the Adult Home Economics Agent with the University of Tennessee Agriculture Extension Service for 33 years until her retirement. This scholarship is given to deserving undergraduate students in the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences.

      • Danielle Bernhoft
      • Paige Clark
      • Sarah Parsly
      • Taylor Sams
    Although Dr. Paul C. Burns was known nationally for his many books and articles, his colleagues found him to be “equally concerned about preparing young people to teach and helping experienced teachers improve their skills and understandings.” He served UT and many other schools through his contributions as a teacher, writer, student advisor, and unpaid consultant. This memorial scholarship was established in 1984 through gifts from Dr. Burns’ estate, family, friends, and colleagues in the former Department of Curriculum and Instruction as a way to assist students seeking initial teaching licensure in elementary education.

      • Katherine Slattery
      • Lindsey Smith
    The Catherine Burton Chi Omega Scholarship Fund is established by alumnae of the Pi Chapter of Chi Omega Sorority , in honor of Catherine Burton’s fifty years of service to that chapter. This Scholarship is intended to provide financial assistance to Senior women in the UTK College of Home Economics.

      • Alexandra Nussbaumer
      • Lillian White
      • Cheyenne Wallace
      • Ayanna Crenshaw
    Kathy Carlson first became enamored with preschoolers in 1971 as a teacher in a church preschool music program. In 1977, she started teaching nursery school, and in 1981, kindergarten. While teaching, she received her master’s degree in Child Development from UT.  She was the Master Teacher/Coordinator for the White Avenue Child Development Preschool Laboratories, and the program went on to become one of the first to receive NAEYC accreditation. Kathy was also a contributing author of Early Childhood Curriculum. She gave many workshops on topics such as art, early writing, story-telling, and guidance in her career. After her retirement in 1993, she maintained her relationship with preschoolers by volunteering to read to children in classrooms.  Recipients of this award are pursuing their graduate degree with a dedication to promoting effective learning methods for young children.

    • Kayley Davis

    Sue C. Little established this endowment in honor of her father, Dr. Benjamin Carmichael, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who enjoyed a distinguished and passionate career in education.  At various points throughout his career, Dr. Carmichael’s served in many roles including teacher, principal, superintendent, commissioner of education, and member of UT’s Board of Trustees, where he remains as a Trustee Emeritus.  Dr. Carmichael hopes that recipients of this scholarship will discover the joy and satisfaction he experienced from learning and serving in the profession of education.

      • Sarah Childress
      • Mason Thornton

    Mr. and Mrs. Cifers endowed both a scholarship and a fellowship to assist students enrolled in areas that were formerly part of the College of Home Economics who demonstrate successful academic performance. Recipients should also show evidence of high moral character and a determination to secure a college education through hard work.


      • Chelsea Blind
      • Heather Gleaves
      • Russell Mackensie
      • Michael Roberts


  • John Fornadel
  • Ms. Claxton’s grandfather, Dr. Philander P. Claxton, formed the University of Tennessee’s School of Education in 1902, and in the same year started the Summer School of the South of which he was Superintendent until he became U.S. Commissioner of Education in 1911. Ms. Claxton has Down Syndrome and for about fifteen years attended special education programs in public schools in Montgomery County, Maryland. For more than thirty years she has been a resident of a center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her family appreciates the education she received from many caring special education teachers and other staff members at these institutions and hopes to encourage Claxton Scholars to help others as Ms. Claxton has been helped.

      • Meg Harrington
    Josephine Cochran was from Harlan, KY, but moved to Knoxville to attend The University of Tennessee, where she met her husband of 43 years, Litton Cochran. Together they opened the first McDonald’s in Tennessee in 1960, and are credited with developing the McDonald’s Apple Pie in their very own kitchen. Jo was a UTK College of Business graduate, Class of 1947, but she and her family believed
    education was vital to an individual’s character. So much so that they started an employee scholarship program in 1964 and awarded McDonald’s employees full one-year scholarships to UTK for over 35 years. Now, Mrs. Cochran is giving again as provided in her will that a portion of her assets be used for scholarships in the former College of Human Ecology, now the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences for those pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees.

      • Theresa Kwon

  • Hope Lay
  • The Department of Child and Family Studies received a gift from Mr. Steven E. Collett in 2013 in honor of Dr. Gale A. Collett.  The generous gift was made by Mr. Collett to express his desire to have Gale recognized by the Department of Child and Family Studies and to specifically support PreK-3 undergraduate students, faculty, and our other purposes related to the operation of the program.  Mr. Collett believed Dr. Collett deserved this honor because she is dedicated to advancing the mission of early childhood education through the PreK-3 program of study.

      • Amanda Tenille
    John and Gwen Connell instilled in their children the importance of education in achieving success in life. This scholarship, endowed by their children, honors the Connells and demonstrates the family’s commitment to helping others receive the best education possible. The award is given to deserving students enrolled in the College’s programs that prepare future educators, thereby touching the lives of future generations of students. This scholarship may be awarded to undergraduate students, but preference is given to fifth-year interns seeking initial teacher licensure.

      • Emily Daves
    Former Home Economics faculty members, students, and friends of the late Miss Nellie Crooks established an annual award fund in her memory. Miss Crooks came to UT to serve as Head of the Domestic Science Department in 1917. Then three faculty in Home Economics held classes in Tennessee Hall. Through the dynamic efforts of Miss Crooks, Home Economics courses were developed, two home management houses were developed, and the main section of the Home Economics Building was built. In addition, because of her pioneering efforts the Domestic Science Department was elevated to the School of Home Economics at The University of Tennessee.

    • Abigail Owens
    Ella J. Day came to the University of Tennessee in 1929 as one of the first two College of Home Economics faculty having a doctorate degree.  She was instrumental in establishing a year-round nursery school at the University. This award was established in memory of Dr. Day in 1974. Her friends and former students endowed the fund in 1992. Recipients are majoring in Child and Family Studies and preparing to work with young children.

      • Keirsten Brown
      • Courtney Seiter
    In 2003, the estate of George Eckler, whose wife, Eloise Eckler, received a master’s degree from the former College of Home Economics in 1950, provided the funding for this endowed fellowship.  It is designated for students enrolled in Graduate Student Research or Graduate Student Teaching in the programs of the Nutrition, Child and Family Studies, or Consumer Services Management programs.

      • Jian Shan
    This scholarship is awarded to teacher interns or other undergraduate or graduate students in the College’s programs that prepare future educators. It is funded by an endowment created in honor of the educators inducted into the Educators Hall of Honor and is intended to inspire the next generation of educators as a tribute to educators who have inspired, shaped and transformed the lives of their own students and colleagues.

      • Andrea L. Arce-Trigatti
    This fellowship was created to honor Elizabeth Eichelbaum’s own quest and moral support so that others can share in the inspiration of senior citizen achievement. Elizabeth came from an orphanage in war-torn Russia, reunited with her mother at the age of eleven, survived the Great Depression, achieved a fifty-year business career and finally acquiring her GED at the age of 65, bachelor’s degree at 69, master’s degree at 80, continued working, finally getting her doctorate at 90. Preference is given to graduates of Theory and Practice in Teacher Education returning to school after an absence of ten (10) years or making a career change to go into teaching.

      • Heather Eades

  • Michelle Sanders

  • This scholarship was established to help teacher interns majoring in Art Education in the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences.

      • Anna Clark
      • Heather Eades
      • Melinda Sims
      • Hannah Theele
    This scholarship is named for Mrs. Lillie Fitzgerald, a retired English teacher at Bradley County High School in Cleveland, TN.  She was known as a teacher whose interest in her students did not end with their graduation from high school. Her kindness toward one of her students, Mr. Toby McKenzie, led to the establishment of a generous endowment to fund scholarships for teacher interns in her honor.

      • Savannah Franklin
      • Luke Lawrence
      • Jacob Ottinger
      • Jordan Woodford
    James C. and Marcia S. Foxworthy established this fellowship in honor of Clifton N. Foxworthy, a 1939 graduate of the University of Tennessee who earned a B.S. degree in Business Administration. This fellowship is awarded to graduate students with a high level of academic achievement entering the field of special education.

      • Katherine McNutt

  • Katherine Wein
  • Maralee Garland received a master’s degree from the former College of Home Economics in 1946 and was a home economics instructor for 40 years in Unicoi County, TN.  In her estate, Mrs. Garland provided this endowed fellowship for graduate level students within the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences, with preference for students in the disciplines formerly housed in the College of Human Ecology/Home Economics.

      • Tanner Kilpatrick
    Suzy Garner established this scholarship to honor her parents’ commitment to students. Both David and Cheryl Garner are graduates of the University of Tennessee College of Education. Because they both spent many years as teachers in the Maryville City School District, preference for this award is given to applicants from Blount County pursuing their degrees in the field of education.

      • Anna Clark
    The Billie Grace Goodrich Scholarship was established in 1995 by a gift from Henry Goodrich honoring his wife. Mrs. Goodrich received her B.S. in Education from the University of Tennessee in 1944, and Mr. Goodrich received his B.S. in Civil Engineering in 1943. This fellowship was established to aid students from the Gibson County area that are entering their fifth year of teacher education, seeking initial licensure, and demonstrating character traits embraced by Billie Grace Goodrich. The Goodrich’s have also made available similar scholarships to education students at the University of Tennessee at Martin.

      • Patricia Bearden
    Dr. Gore or “Miss Lillian,” as she was fondly called, was a retired Knoxville teacher and principal. This 1929 graduate of the former College of Education was at one time the elementary schools supervisor for Knoxville City Schools. In 1973, Dr. Gore established an annuity trust fund with the University. Upon her death in 1985, the funds were used to create this endowment. Awards are made to academically talented students pursuing initial teaching licensure and a career of teaching elementary school children.

      • Clark Ward
    In 1995, Dr. June Gorski established an endowed scholarship to further the study and practice of Public Health. The recipients are graduate students in Public Health.  Her Public Health advisees developed the award criteria which recognize Dr. Gorski’s contributions, dedication, and passion for Health Education.  The recipients are graduate students in Public Health or Health Education who have demonstrated commitment to community initiatives, promotion of preventive measures, and collaboration to further the mission of “healthy people in healthy communities.”

      • Tykeara Mims

  • Sarah Walsh
  • Established in 1980 by Dr. Orin B. Graff in loving honor of his wife, Erma G. Graff. This fund is available to doctoral students in the College of Education, Department of Educational Administration and Supervision and have shown a sensitivity tocurrent social problems.

      • Gresham Collom
      • Jacob Kamer
    The Orin B. Graff Scholarship honors this former dean of the form College of Education and head of the Department of Educational Administration and Supervision. Dr. Graff joined the faculty in 1945 after serving as Superintendent of Schools in Norris, Tennessee. In 1963, former students and colleagues established the scholarship fund in the department headed y Dr. Graff. Dr. Graff passed away in 1980 at the age of 79. Awards from this fund are made to doctoral students in Educational Administration and Supervision who have demonstrated excellence in scholarship, sensitivity to current social problems and leadership potential.

    •  Ashton Cooper
    • Lee Flood

    This award was established through Mr. Greene’s estate to assist undergraduate students from Anderson County in the disciplines of Child and Family Studies, Nutrition, and Consumer Services Management.

      • Mallory Gooden
    Dr. Ann M. Grooms and Dr. Gary Grooms are both physicians with their educational background from the University of Tennessee. Ann earned a B.S. in Nutrition in 1963. She and Gary both earned their M.D. from the University of Tennessee, Memphis in 1966. They established this scholarship to encourage and sustain students who are interested in professional careers with priority to students interested in the medical field and attending medical school.

      • Isson Tayidi
    Helen Sharp Hakala of Lake City, TN, earned her B.S. in Food Systems Administration from the former College of Home Economics in 1943, and also received her teaching certificate. Mrs. Hakala established this award to help students achieve their academic goals. It is available to undergraduate or graduate students in the areas that were in the former College of Human Ecology.

      • Sandy Angeles
      • Caroline Bishop
      • Brooke Bowman
      • Ashlyn Carter
      • Natalie Cross
      • Kayley Davis
      • Macy Halladay
      • Ashleigh Hammer
      • Kenneth Jordan
      • Mostafa Zaman
      • Julia Navin
    The family of Dr. Hardwick wanted to honor her life-long dedication to education. She earned her bachelor’s and masters degrees at the University of Tennessee and worked at Webb School for many years. She then spent 7 years as an Aerospace Education Specialist traveling to 11 states presenting assembly programs and in-service workshops for teachers and students about NASA missions. She also trained at NASA field centers, presented at national conferences, and earned her doctorate in education at Oklahoma State University. She was a proud member of the Civil Air Patrol and one of the few people to ride in NASA’s “Vomit Comet.” This scholarship recognizes high academic achievement students within the Teacher Licensure Program specializing in elementary education.

      • Morgan Corum
    Established as a result of a bequest to assist students pursuing a degree in education.

      • Valerie Griffin
      • Elizabeth Ozment
    Dean Jessie W. Harris served as director of the School of Home Economics for 31 years and in 1957 was appointed the first dean of the then newly established College of Home Economics. Dean Harris was such an instrumental leader in Home Economics in the University, the state, and the world, that in 1964 the Home Economics Building was named after her. Friends, students and colleagues established this scholarship in honor and memory of Dean Harris in 1972. This scholarship is based on academic merit and awarded to students majoring in theareas which were in the former College of Human Ecology/College of Home Economics.

      • Elizabeth Eshun
      • Mary Gullett
      • Alexandria Tasket
    Established in 1969, this fellowship commemorates the scholarship and leadership of former University of Tennessee Professor of Educational Psychology, Dr. Travis Hawk. His concern for students, his knowledge of and enthusiasm for his profession, his fairness and understanding placed Dr. Hawk among the University’s honored professors. This fellowship is awarded to graduate students in Educational Psychology who maintain a 3.4 overall grade point average.

      • Takuya Hayakawa
      • Rachel Ladd
      • Sara Nasrollahian
    This scholarship was established in memory of Mrs. Helen Giffin Headlee who was a devoted teacher for many years in the Loudon County, Tennessee School System, by her friends and family. Academic merit is the primary consideration and preference is given to those in Loudon and contiguous counties.

      • Makenzie Mears
    The Howard Family Scholarship Endowment was established by the family of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Howard of Oak Ridge. This award honors three members of the Howard family who were students at the University of Tennessee. Each earned a degree from the former College of Education. This scholarship is awarded to students seeking their initial teacher licensure, with priority given to fifth-year interns.

      • Leslie Woody
    On the 50th anniversary of the Public Health Nutrition program at the University of Tennessee, Dr. Huenemann’s friends, colleagues, and former students raised funds to support a fellowship in her name. Due in large part to her efforts of writing the grant to establish this program, the University has one of the oldest, most established programs in Public Health Nutrition in the country. Dr. Huenemann further reendowed the award for graduate students who demonstrated professional promise in the field of Public Health Nutrition.

      • Marissa Black
      • Chelsea Allison
      • Claire Martin
      • Courtney Wright
    This endowment was established through Mr. Irwin’s trust. The scholarship will be awarded to qualified American citizens from Claiborne and Rutherford counties with preference first to students majoring in Nutrition and secondly to students majoring in Textiles.

      • Madison Baird
      • Kylie Hoke
      • Summer Smith
    In 2004, Mr. David T. Bailey, for whom our Graduate School is named, funded this scholarship in honor and memory of Charles Lattimore, a friend and employee of the Bailey family during Mr. Bailey’s childhood and youth. When Mr. Bailey’s grandson died suddenly in 2016, he converted a trust  for him into the endowment for this scholarship to support those students of African American decent pursuing a career in teaching. Mr. Bailey passed away in August 2017.

      • Emily Ayers
      • Victoria Coleman
      • Shana Gallegos
      • Brianna Mason
      • Anna Peterson
      • Gabriela Recinos
      • Emelie Silvers
    Paula Hicks Lemler received her undergraduate degree in 1970 from the former College of Education. This scholarship was created because she saw the need to have qualified, properly educated teachers instructing children in rural areas. Also, it was intended as a way to give back to the community, and to give other students the opportunity to attend a university with proven teacher training excellence. The scholarship is awarded to a student who has been admitted to the teacher education program, with preference given to students from Campbell, Claiborne, or Scott counties in Tennessee.

      • Bryson Scruggs
    This scholarship was created to honor Mrs. Lyon, who has spent her entire career in the field of education. She received her master’s degree in Education from UT in 1971. Recipients of this scholarship are fifth-year education students seeking initial teacher licensure, with preference given to students from the state of Georgia and/or Virginia.

      • Charles Folger
    Gray Marsee established this scholarship to honor his parents, both of whomattended the University of Tennessee in the 1950s. His father went on to become an executive with Haverty’s Furniture and his mother earned several degrees including a doctor of education, taught school, and raised three children. Hazen Gray Marsee is a graduate of the University of Tennessee Law School and is honored to provide financial assistance to those who are training to be educators.

      • Emily Daves
    This scholarship was established to assist those majoring in Child and Family Studies.  The recipient shall have demonstrated successful academic performance.

      • Ariel Forbes
    This endowed scholarship was created by Erie Kate McCord and her husband, the late Dr. Thomas M. McCord, to help young people achieve their college goals. It is designated for graduate or undergraduate students who have completed at least one year in the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences and are pursuing adegree in either Child and Family Studies or Nutrition.

      • Makayla Bledsoe
      • Madison Hatfield
      • Hannah Mathis
      • Ashley Moore
      • Jasmine Park
      • Brittany Requena
      • Abigail Rider
      • Rebecca Skinner
      • Sacha Stauffer
      • Isson Tayidi
    Mrs. Marjorie McCracken graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1943 with a degree in Education. She was a school teacher in the Paris, TN school system for 34 years. Mrs. McCracken passed away in 2008 at the age of 87. This scholarship is awarded to undergraduate or graduate students who are pursuing a degree in education, with preference given to students enrolled in the fifth-year internship program, with secondary preference given to an undergraduate junior or senior pursuing a degree in education.

      • Lacy Adorante
      • Robyn Byard
      • Chantel Harris
      • Olivia Hysinger
      • Makenzie Mears
      • Stephanie Morse
      • Michelle Sanders
      • Bryson Scruggs
    Mrs. Rose P. McElroy left a bequest in honor of her husband, Julius D. McElroy who received his degree in education from the University of Tennessee in 1932. The McElroy’s both valued education and understood the impact they could make with their gift to support students seeking college degrees.

      • Lauren Bachman
      • Ashley Bales
      • Ashley Bunch
      • Rebekah Burks
      • Rachel Clifft
      • Hunter Cross
      • Olivia Dominick
      • Elizabeth Elajam
      • Theodore Hooper
      • Hannah Hopson
      • Douglas Hubbert
      • Jessica Kunkle
      • Anh La Brandie McConkey
      • Brooke Murphy
      • Lexus Nixon
      • Bryon Randolph
      • Ethan Stanfield
      • Summer Swail
      • Rebecca Thompson
      • Ariel Williams
      • Caleb Wilson
      • Taylor Wiseman
    This scholarship is awarded to students admitted into the Teacher Education Program, with preference given to students planning to teach family and consumer sciences education; student athletes pursuing a certificate in any area; or student teacher interns in the Secondary Education program.

      • Ashley Reno
    This scholarship is named for James Owen McKee and Lonnie Clifford McKee, sons of Charles Marion McKee of Nashville, TN. Both sons were profoundly impacted by the Great Depression and because their family was not wealthy, neither son nor their three sisters were able to attend college. Both James and Lonnie married and had two children each, and were determined that all of their children would go to and graduate from college. Later, all four children earned advanced degrees. The brothers both went on to become great businessmen and were respected for their great work ethic. Later in life, James established a scholarship foundation that was an outward expression of his belief in the value of all education, especially higher education. In establishing the foundation he wanted to honor his brother and all of their children, and help deserving and financially needy young people. The establishment of this scholarship continues the desire of James Owen McKee to assist deserving men and women in his home state. Preference is given to students pursuing an education major leading to teacher licensure in Tennessee.

      • Louis McCluney

    In 1994, Miss Inez Lovelace established this award during the Campaign for the 21st Century. Miss Lovelace served the former College of Human Ecology for many years as a dedicated faculty member. Recipients of this award are to major in a discipline that was formerly part of the College of Human Ecology and demonstrate successful academic performance.

      • Mary Brakefield
      • Miranda Dulin
      • Amaya Linsey
      • Abigail Murrell
      • Melissa Scott
      • Taylor Smith
    Jeanne Hood Meisse has a special fondness for her alma mater having developed life-long friendships during her time here as a member of Delta Gamma pursuing her degree in Home Economics. The scholarship Jeanne Meisse received as a student made it possible for her to attend UT and as she understands how challenging it can be for teachers, she wants to contribute to the success of others.

      • Lane Dundon
    In 1974, the estate of Dr. Bernadine H. Meyer established scholarships for graduate students enrolled in areas formerly in the College of Human Ecology. The recipient must demonstrate successful academic performance and exhibit professional promise.

      • Katherine Hampton
    Gladys Million graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1925 with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and went on to  receive her master’s degree in mathematics in 1928. She remembered the University in her will with funds to endow a scholarship in the former College of Education with preference going to students in the fifth-year internship program who are preparing to teach mathematics at the elementary or secondary level.

      • Megan Cisneros
      • Luke Lawrence
      • Katherine McNutt
    This scholarship honors Betty L. Mitchell provided by her daughter and son-in-Law, Beth and Bill Cox. Betty’s constant support, encouragement, and love made it possible for all three of her children to graduate from UTK. In turn, Beth’s drive to encourage excellent teaching has led her to create this scholarship in honor of her mother, who passed away in 2006. It is hoped that this scholarship will enable an educator to obtain graduate level training and enrich the lives of his or her students through excellent teaching.

      • Melanie Slappey
    Sylvia and Bill Moore established this endowment to provide scholarships to seniors in the Department of Child and Family Studies. Sylvia Moore earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the former College of Home Economics in 1959 and 1960 in Child Development and Family Relationships. The late Bill Moore was a graduate of UT’s College of Engineering. Both of them have kept the University an important part of their life since graduation, creating scholarships in the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences and in the College of Engineering.

      • Rachel Oxendine
      • Kriston Ramsey
      • Margaret Riley
    This fellowship was established to honor the memory of George Paschal (“Pal”) and Thelma Wallace Moyers. Pal and Thelma Moyers married in 1937 and lived on a farm near Fayetteville, TN with their four children. Pal managed the farm and Thelma was a full-time homemaker and farmwife.  Although neither were well-educated, they were determined that their children would be. Their two youngest, Lou and Richard, both received undergraduate and graduate degrees from UT Knoxville, Rachel graduated from George Peabody College (now part of Vanderbilt University), and Jack graduated from Tennessee Tech. The Moyers have at least 10 other close family members affiliated with UT as well. What better way to honor these loving parents who insisted their children should have the education that they, themselves, were unable to have than to assist aspiring school teachers in gaining their qualifications to carry forward in educating future generations?

      • Elizabeth Ransom
    Mr. and Mrs. Leonard B. Murray, Jr. of Chattanooga, TN, established this scholarship. The honoree, Mrs. Helen Carter Murray, was a 1995 graduate of the former College of Education with a master’s degree in Elementary Counseling. It is awarded to a student in the master’s degree program in School Counseling who shows an interest in working in a school setting, K-8. In July of 1998, Mrs. Murray passed away suddenly, and the scholarship is now given by Mr. Murray in her memory.

      • Ashley Kennedy
    The Nashville Area Home Economists in Home and Community Chapter created this endowment to benefit young women and men who choose the former College of Human Ecology areas of study at the University of Tennessee. This scholarship is awarded to a student from the Middle Tennessee area, with preference to Davidson County.

      • Carlin Goertel
    This scholarship is given by Mark and Lisa Neal in loving honor of their daughter Courtney. Courtney was inspired by her first-grade teacher to pursue the field of elementary education. She received her MS in Teacher Education at UTK in 2012 and is currently a mentor and teacher to Kindergarteners. This scholarship is awarded to those pursuing a Master’s Degree in the Teacher Licensure Program specializing in Elementary Education.

      • Erin Lewis
    Funds from the estate of Sevier County residents Thomas Charles Paine and his wife, Hettie Montgomery Paine, created this endowed scholarship. Mr. Paine was an attorney, and Mrs. Paine and the Paines’ son Charles Ambrose Paine were teachers and coaches in Sevier County Schools. This scholarship is awarded annually to graduates of Sevier County high schools who are entering the teaching profession.

      • Jessica Galyon
    This scholarship was established by Dr. Charles Peccolo’s son and daughter-in-law, Charles “Butch” M. Peccolo, Jr., UT’s Treasurer, and Dr. Dulcie L. Peccolo, Director of Student Services for the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences. The scholarship honors Dr. Charles Peccolo, “whose entire career had been devoted to the development and improvement of public education and curriculum management.” In 1970, Dr. Peccolo came to the University of Tennessee as director of the Bureau of Educational Research and Service, a position he held until his retirement in 1986. The scholarship is presented to “students in the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences who recognize the importance of and are committed to quality public education.”

      • Sarah Parsly
    Geraldine M. Piper received her master’s degree in Nutrition from the University of Tennessee in 1947. She established this award to assist future generations of students who wish to pursue a career in Nutrition, particularly Public Health Nutrition. This fellowship is awarded to graduate students.

      • Miranda Fulmer
      • Adeline Grier-Welch
      • Tiffany Harris
      • Sarah Lisson
      • Kelsey Parkman
      • Jennifer Trumbo
      • Ruth Zegel
    Eleanor M. Pratt created this award to encourage students to better prepare themselves to make contributions in their careers. This scholarship assists students with a combination of financial need and a high level of academic success in the areas that were in the former College of Human Ecology.

      • Sarah Adkisson
      • Janelle Chavarria
      • Madeline Hall
      • Ashley Heyser
      • Jaime Marquis
      • Garrett Orick
      • Veronika Vafina
    The friends and family of D. W. Proffitt established this scholarship to continue support for the former College of Human Ecology. D. W. Proffitt created Proffitt’s Department Stores in 1919, which was based in Maryville, TN until being purchased by Saks. This award is given to an upperclassman majoring in retailing who has excellent academic credentials and potential.

      • Linsey Adams
    Harwell Proffitt, son of D.W. Proffitt, propelled Proffitt’s Department Store to emerge as a retail leader through his focus on excellence through attention to detail, high standards, and customer service. Harwell and Sara Pope Proffitt created this endowment to recognize academic excellence and professional promise among students in the Retailing Program. This scholarship is awarded to a student who has completed his or her sophomore year in retailing and who demonstrates excellence in all areas of his or her academic career.

      • Taylor Thomas
    Ruby McKeel Rives established this scholarship through a bequest in her will to assist deserving students in the areas of the former College of Human Ecology. This scholarship is available for undergraduate or graduate students majoring in the disciplines formerly in the College of Human Ecology, with their deserving stature being decided by the College.

      • Olivia Lawson
      • Ashley Sullivan

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