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village children

Child and Family Studies Student Studies Abroad for Research

This summer you can find Child and Family Studies (CFS) student, Lauren Bader, conducting research abroad. Bader is currently in the Gamo Highlands in a village called Doko-Zolo.  For her second summer, Bader’s fieldwork consists of researching cultural beliefs of environmental risk and parents as well as gathering information on parents experiences with child loss.  Included in her research, Bader will conduct observations of 1-2 year old Gamo children to investigate how parents’ experiences with child loss relate to their involvement with infants and toddlers.  Bader is working on this project in collaboration with her professor, Hillary Fouts, assistant professor in CFS.

baderAnd she doesn’t stop there.  In a separate project with Julia Jaekel and Hillary Fouts, Bader will be meeting with local health care professionals in the village and in Arba Minch, the closest town to the village of Doko-Zolo as well as professors from Arba Minch University.  The aim of this project is to investigate traditional infant care patterns that may be protective of preterm infants.

Bader will return to Knoxville in September. She will be joined by Fouts and Jaekel during part of her time abroad providing her an opportunity to work along side her professors.  She will begin planning future research with their network of collaborators in Doko-Zolo and Arba Minch.