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Chalk Walk Resized

1st Annual CEHHS Chalk Walk


Calling all CEHHS departments, programs, organizations, student groups, grants, centers and offices! 


It’s SPRING!  The flowers are full of color, the sky is blue and the Pedestrian Walkway sidewalks will be a KALEIDOSCOPE with CEHHS Chalk Art too!

Put a group together and sign up to participate in the 1st Annual CEHHS Chalk Walk on Pedestrian Walkway on April 7-8th on the UTK Pedestrian Walkway.


Let’s educate the UT campus and beyond about all of the great things that are going on in CEHHS.  From our awesome departments, to incredible staff, to program highlights, to centers that are changing the world, to outreach efforts, to engaging initiatives…the good news is endless!  We have one of the most traveled places on campus reserved to share some of our stories in chalk and with signage, but we need YOU!


  • Each of the participants (departments, programs, student organizations, centers, projects, grants, offices, etc) who want to participate will be given a 32 X 40 sheet of black foam core on which to create that will be taped to the pedestrian walkway when completed.  (The walkway is brick and can’t be drawn on.)
  • Each team will get a small 12 pc set of chalk pastels to start their efforts, and will need to fill in with additional supplies.  (Kids sidewalk chalk is not ideal as it does not have much pigment in it.  Chalk Pastels are the best medium—NO OIL-BASED PASTELS)
  • Each team will design their artwork.  CEHHS will provide tips/best practices to all teams as they RSVP and as well as offer attendance to the Dogwood Arts Chalk Art workshop on March 30th as long as availability lasts.  However, no training is necessary.
  • The artwork does not HAVE to depict the group.  It can be focused on Spring, nature, UT, etc. These do not have to be professional creations!
  • Each chalk creation will be accompanied by a description of the CEHHS group that created it.  A bit of CEHHS education with each piece.
  • We will kick off the event offering a work session and snacks on Thursday evening, April 7th from 5-8pm for anyone who would like to get a jump start.  The foam boards will be distributed and can be started on by 4pm that day.
  • On Friday, April 8th creation of artwork will continue and the pedestrian walkway will be lined with all things CEHHS—We will display a banner with our departments listed along with additional CEHHS signage, healthy snacks, fun and prizes.
  • Since our designs are going to be created on removable sheets of foam core, your creation can be sprayed with a fixative and displayed across our buildings over the next few weeks to continue to draw attention to the awesomeness of our college.
  • If you haven’t had enough awesome chalk artwork by the end of Friday, you can get up Saturday morning and head down to Market Square to the Dogwood Arts Chalk Walk too!  Our Art Education Program will be creating a piece! More info

**If you would like to sketch your artwork plan out ahead of time or at least see the finished size, we are fine with you coming by to pick up a board early.  We ask that you do wait to do the “chalk” portion of the work itself at the event on Thursday evening and Friday morning so viewers can share the fun as your work is being created!


  • RHTM Retail Student Association
  • Rocky Top Institute
  • Public Health Graduate Student Association
  • FUTURE Program
  • ELC Kindergarten
  • Evaluation and Statistics Measurement PHD Program
  • FRUVED Grant
  • Art Education Program
  • CEHHS Dean’s Office
  • KRSS Center for Physical Activity and Health
  • Technology Team
  • Future Physical Therapist Association
  • STEM Education
  • And many more…….

Soooooo, it’s SPRING!  Let your imaginations BLOOM!

Hop to it and get your group together and RSVP for your space on the CEHHS CHALK WALK!

RSVP by 4/1/16 to with:

  1. Group Name
  2. Participant Names/emails (you can always add to this)
  3. Short group description (this is the description that will be posted alongside your artwork.  It is meant to educate people about your CEHHS department, program, group, office, grant, initiative, outreach, etc.)

chalk memories