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CEHHS Experts Encourage People to Take Advantage of That Extra Hour of Sleep


Sunday marks the day to roll back your clock for daylight savings time resulting in an extra hour of sleep.  Who doesn’t appreciate that?  But do you take advantage of that extra hour?

FairbrotherMost people use the extra hour, not to catch up on sleep, but as an excuse to stay up later.  As a result they still get the same number of hours of sleep instead of going to bed at the same time and using that extra hour to catch up.  Jeffrey Fairbrother, interim head of the Department of Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sports Studies feels many people are operating on a sleep deficit that is detrimental to their performance and well-being.  Read more of Fairbrother’s expert tips about daylight savings time and suggestions on how to best use that extra hour in this Tennessee Today article.