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What’s a Side by Side Art Exhibition?

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Art Education 520, “Issues and Topics Current to the Field of Art Education” examines contemporary issues related to the teaching of art. As a part of this class, the Side by Side program provides an experience where graduate students in art education become vested in understanding and accommodating students. They partner two days a week during first session summer with one/two/three students from Inskip Elementary School. The UT students write art centered interdisciplinary curricula that assist the Inskip student with an area to strengthen in addition to creating/making art of their choosing. Rather than the UT student selecting an art process to teach, the Inskip student chooses the medium with which they most want to work. This year, all participating Inskip students were provided with art-centered lessons that had an emphasis in Reading. This project culminates with an art exhibition of their work and an opening reception. A variety of artworks will be presented: altered books, drawings, paintings, ceramics, casts and iMovies.

Stop by the Cookie Aytes Elliot Art Education Gallery, 105 Bailey Education Complex, UT, through July 15th as we celebrate a wonderful partnership.