Ling Zhao

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Ling Zhao


Curriculum Vitae

Professor Zhao received her PhD in Molecular and Biochemical Nutrition from the University of California Berkeley. She completed the postdoc training at Western Human Nutrition Research Center, ARS, USDA, and University of California Davis before she joined the Department of Nutrition at the University of Tennessee Knoxville in 2009.


2006 Post-doctoral, Western Human Nutrition Research Center, Agriculture Research Service, University of California, Davis, United States Department of Agriculture, Nutrition and Immunology

2002 PhD, University of California, Berkeley, Molecular and Biochemical Nutrition

1993 BM (MD equivalent), Peking University Health Science Center, (formerly known as Beijing Medical University), Beijing, P.R. China, Preventive Medicine


Cellular and molecular basis through which dietary components, pharmacological agents, or environmental exposure (e.g., chemical ingredients in personal care products) increase or decrease the risk of obesity and obesity-associated metabolic diseases (e.g., insulin resistance and diabetes) using cell and animal models.

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