We are glad you’re here! Our Master of Science program with a concentration in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics provides over 1,000 graduate-level supervised experiential learning hours to each student to assure their readiness for the workforce. You, our outstanding preceptors in clinical, community, and management, make this in-depth training possible. Approximately 60-85 preceptors in healthcare facilities, practices, and a variety of other settings throughout the greater Knoxville area supervise our students each year.

Why precept UT Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Graduate Students?

  • They come to you prepared, engaged, and ready to learn.
  • The program is clinically focused, so they are well prepared particularly in this area.
  • A proportion of graduates stay locally each year and are potential future colleagues.
  • Of program graduates who have taken the RDN credentialing exam, 100% have passed within one year of first attempt, far exceeding the national average.

How do I get started?

  • Complete the relevant online program orientation module(s) (ACEND requirement). These are available to review at any time and will be updated as needed as ACEND standards or program details change.
  • Complete optional training focused on recognition of bias in self and others to reduce microaggression and discrimination. Available resources:
    • UTK’s Teaching & Learning Innovation offers an Inclusive Teaching resource page that has links to numerous resources.
    • Interactions That Make a Difference (ITMD) workshop offered for new faculty and staff as well as graduate students periodically in the UTK Department of Nutrition.
    • Recorded ACEND webinar: Empowering Dietetics Students Navigating Microaggressions & Advocacy in Academic Settings and other training resources from ACEND.
  • Complete and submit the survey with embedded quiz, CPEU certificates based on orientation and training, and current resume. Updated resumes are requested every 3 years.

What are the benefits?

  • Play a key role in developing the next generation of nutrition and dietetics professionals.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in the classroom as a guest lecturer.
  • Earn continuing professional education hours to maintain your RDN credential. Earn up to 3 hours annually and up to 15 hours for each 5-year reporting period by submitting the Preceptor Confirmation and Self-Reflection Form to the Program Director. Earn additional continuing education hours through the required orientation (approval pending) and training opportunities.
  • Access UT library resources such as current journals through a department-sponsored Office of Information Technology (OIT) account, eligible for annual renewal as long as you continue to serve as a preceptor.

What are the responsibilities?

  • Coordinate with the Program Director to develop/update a description and details about the supervised practice experience with which students will engage.
  • Coordinate with the Program Director to provide/develop/update course readings and assignments to prepare students specifically for the experience.
  • Communicate with the Program Director regarding student performance.
  • Beginning in fall 2024, the program will use the new Competency platform to track student hours and performance using evaluation rubrics. Assignments and performance contribute to their course grade.




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