A graduate degree in Biomedical Nutrition Science can lead to excellent careers and professional opportunities in the applied, industrial, research, and academic health sectors.

The program’s mission is to promote an understanding of the relationship between nutrition and disease, through conducting basic nutritional science research, using predominantly cellular, biochemical, and molecular techniques, translational, and animal models of human disease.

Program Highlights:

  • Faculty explore nutritional mechanisms of cancer, obesity, diabetes, and their associated disorders using cellular and animal models.
  • The Biomedical Nutrition Science program is now housed on the 6th floor of Mossman, which is one of the newest science buildings at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. This location facilitates interactions and collaborations with other biomedical departments on campus such as Microbiology and Biochemistry, Cellular, and Molecular Biology (BCMB).
  • Several faculty are members of the Graduate Program in Genome and Science Technology (GST) and Comparative and Experimental Medicine (CEM).

The Biomedical Nutrition Science program’s strengths are its emphasis on excellence in research projects that explore metabolic pathways, gene-nutrient interactions, microbiome, and mechanisms by which dietary factors influence and contributes to health and disease processes.

  • Professional development is fostered through the obtaining of a general understanding of basic laboratory skills in physiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology to explore the effects of nutrients on gene regulation, the microbiome, and metabolism.
  • Scientific thinking and demonstration of concepts through research processes is promoted through student interactions in Journal Clubs, seminars, collaborations with scientist across disciplines, and mentoring through faculty-student interactions.
  • Students present research at a number of national and international conferences and are expected to publish their thesis and dissertation work in high-quality peer-reviewed, scientific journals.




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